2017 Operational LiDAR Inventory (OLI) Meeting

Our second meeting has completed. Thanks everyone for your interest and participation! I learned a lot and I hope others did as well. There are some really cool tools available and others coming on board. We were able to engage a variety of perspectives on inventory and on remote sensing etc.

Sorry we forgot to take a picture this time around.

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2017 Operational Lidar Inventory Workshop


Social Event

April 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Ramblin Jacks



April 19, 2017

09:00  Opening, IntroductionsJacob Strunk, USFS

09:30  Photo DSM Image Acquisition StudyLayne Friedel, GeoTerra

10:15  Discussion: Operationalizing Lidar, next steps

  1. Traditional inventory toolchains
  2. Lidar inventory toolchains
  3. Plot repository
  4. Next steps
  5. Missing components
  6. Hybrid approaches
  7. Data collection

12:15  Independent Lunch

13:30  ESRI Lidar processing demoAbby Gleason, DNR

14:15  RStudio, R package, git, lidr, lasr demoJacob Strunk, USFS

15:00  OBIA Lidar & Soils (eco-stands)David Stephens, JBLM

15:45  Python and lidarRyan McCarthy, Weyerhaeuser

16:30  Closing discussions


April 20, 2017

09:00  Opening, IntroductionsJacob Strunk, USFS

10:00  Operational Inventory Software (lidar)Kevin Lim, Lim Geomatics

10:30 An Operational Inventory OverviewEric Cohen, Port Blakely

11:00  Break

11:15  Forest Inventory from Photo DSM’sPeter Gould, WA DNR

11:45  A-Z Operational Lidar Inventory ExampleIan Moss, Tesera

12:15  Onsite Lunch & Discuss Impediments to OLI – David Stephens, JBLM

13:00  Individual Tree Inventories using LiDAR – Mike Parlow, Object Raku

13:30  Geiger Mode Lidar – Tony Palizzi, Harris

14:00  Region 6 Lidar ProjectsBrian Wing

14:30  Break

14:45  FUSION / Area Processor DemoBob McGaughey, USFS

15:15  Lidar Inventory ImplementationXiaoping Yuan, FLNRO

15:45 Modern Cloud-Based Processing and Analytic CapabilitiesWill Fellers, QSI

16:15 Closing discussion – Next Steps