2021 Operational LiDAR Inventory (OLI) Meeting

Virtual Zoom Meeting

April 7, 2021, 8am – 5pm PST

The 2021 OLI meeting will be virtual and the focus will be on the operational or near-operational usage of remote sensing technologies in forest inventory and mapping applications.


  • Plot Based Inventory (PBI): Area Based Estimation for Updating Minnesota’s Stand Level Inventory – Jennifer Corcoran, Minnesota DNR
  • Bypassing Tree Growth Models to Predict Timber Harvest from Lidar – Tom Baribault, Mason, Bruce and Girard
  • Predictive Forest Inventory in British Columbia: A Test Site for Advancing Forest Inventory Methods – Quinn Geoffrey, BC Forest, Lands and Natural Resources Operations
  • Field Measurements from Mobile Lidar Scanning – Andrew Sanchez-Meador, Northern Arizona University
  • Google Earth Engine Demonstration – Yang Zhiqiang, USDA Forest Service
  • Operational Forest Inventory of Mature Douglas-fir Stands Using Mobile Lidar – Bogdon Strimbu and Chu Qi, Oregon State University
  • Lidar Modeling Analysis in South Carolina – Jacob Strunk, USDA Forest Service, FIA
  • Species-composition Modeling Using Lidar and Spectral Indices – Francisco Mauro Gutierrez, Oregon State University
  • Owl Habitat Modeling – Tim Bryant, USDA Forest Service

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  • Regular Virtual Registration: $50
  • Student Virtual Registration: Free

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