2023 Growth Model User’s Group (GMUG)

Call for Presenters

2023 Growth Model Users Group Meeting (Hybrid and In-person)

The Growth Model Users Group Meeting (GMUG) returns on April 06, 2023! We are continuing the past format of relatively informal presentations and discussions about all things growth model and

modeling related.

We are reaching out to line up presenters on the topics of building,

using, and integrating growth models into everyday use. We are looking

for 2023 topics to cover demonstrations of practical/applied “how to” examples, which can include:

  • Updates to existing growth models
  • New models or extensions in FVS
  • Building your own with OpenFVS
  • Updates from the TASS, Acadian, FORSEE, CIPSANON, FPS, etc.
  •  New models or modeling frameworks:
  • Building a better mousetrap
  •  Ideas for a new type of model
  •   Growth model assessments, validation, and/or adjustments:
  •  Comparing modeled output with real-world growth
  •  Adjusting models to reflect on-the-ground (in-the-tree?) growth
  •    Getting data in and out of models

If you are interested in presenting, please contact Weikko Jaross.