2023 Operational Lidar Inventory (OLI) Meeting

Please save the date for the The 2023 OLI Meeting which will be held on April 5th at the Water Resources Education Center  in Vancouver WA, USA. It will be a 1-day event and we are planning to have a hybrid meeting with both in-person and virtual options for attendance.  Feel free to get on the agenda early if you have a topic in mind – email Jacob Strunk.

Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area has lots of options for sight-seeing and recreation, including the the Pacific coastline, cascade mountains, and numerous activities in the city of Portland, OR, just across the river from Vancouver, WA.


Conference is scheduled for 8am to 5pm Pacific Time. Speaker times will be added as they are scheduled.

CMS Regional Map Calibration – Andy Hudak, USDA Forest Service, RMRS

Species Identification from Remote Sensing Data – Examples from Three Forests – Cam Brown and Mike Parlow, Forsite

Carbon Considerations in a Lidar Forest Inventory – Peter Tittman, New Forest

Scale Effects in Area-Based Forest Modeling – Jacob Strunk, USDA Forest Service, FIA

Working with a Single-Tree Digital Inventory – Mark Corrao, Northwest Management, Inc.

Saving the Monarchs One Tree at a Time – Kelsey Watkins, NV5

Assessment of NAIP Point Clouds with Lidar – Kevin Ceder, Woodland Creek Consulting

Recovering Discrete Distributions in Forest Inventory using R package Hermite – Tom Baribault, DroneSeed

Remote Sensing Inventory Research Database – Luke Rogers, University of Washington, SEFS, NRSIG

Interior AK Advanced Remote Sensing Forest Inventory – Hans Andersen, USDA Forest Service, FIA

Utilizing Lidar Derived Datasets for Operational Forest Planning – Scott Hillard, American Forest Management

Modeling Lynx Habitat with TLS and ALS – Jonathan Batchelor, University of Washington

Registration Pricing

  • Professional Registration: $75, in-person or virtual
  • Student Registration: Free, in-person or virtual, but please make sure to register.

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More fun!

The Growth Model User Group (GMUG) annual meeting will be hosted the following day (April 6th) at the same venue (https://mensurationist.net/2023-growth-model-users-group-gmug/). Take advantage of the opportunity to attend both meetings.