2024 Operational Lidar Inventory (OLI) Meeting

The 2024 OLI Meeting will be held on April 9th at the Water Resources Education Center  in Vancouver WA, USA. It will be a 1-day event and we are planning to have a hybrid meeting with both in-person and virtual options for attendance.  Feel free to get on the agenda early if you have a topic in mind – email Jacob Strunk.


A more detailed agenda will be posted as soon as it is available.

Meeting will begin at 9am PT on April 9th.

Registration Pricing

  • Regular Registration: $85, in-person or virtual
  • Student Registration: Free, in-person or virtual, but please make sure to register.

Click here to register

Planning to attend both OLI (April 9th) and GMUG (April 10th)? Regular registrations for both days will receive the discounted price of $195, just select both events while registering.

2024 GMUG annual meeting – April 10th

The Growth Model User Group (GMUG) annual meeting will be hosted the following day (April 10th) at the same venue (https://mensurationist.net/2023-growth-model-users-group-gmug/). Take advantage of the opportunity to attend both meetings receive the discounted price of $195/person.