2nd North American Forest Mensurationists Conference – Awards

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SOMENS Lifetime Achievement Award

“SOMENS Achievement Award” honors scientists that contributed significantly to quantitative southern forestry. The award aims at senior researchers that are associated with the Southern Mensurationists group and have shaped the forest research of/from the southern region of the USA. The award is given only once to an individual, therefore please do not chose one of the past recipients of the award (below). Click here to submit a nomination.

  • 2021 Dehai Zhao – UGA
  • 2019 Chris Cieszewski – UGA
  • 2018 Ralph Amateis – VT
  • 2017 Tom Lynch – OKSU
  • 2016 John Paul Mctague – Rayonier
  • 2015 Quang Cao – LSU
  • 2014 Mike Strub – Weyerhaeuser
  • 2013 Harold Burkhart – VT

NOTE: The above recipients are not eligible.

Mike Strub Award

In 2009 Lewis Jordan and Ray Souter started the Mike Strub Challenge contest, to honor Mike Strub’s inquisitory mind, tenacity in pursuing forest related questions, and not the least, its kindness. Truthout the years many people got their share of fame, with Lewis as the master of ceremony. This year question can be accessed HERE. Anybody can supply a solution to the problem irrespective the region.