2nd North American Forest Mensurationists Conference

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The North American biometricians are geographically separated into three regions: southern (SOMENS), northeastern (NEMO), and western (Western Mens). Each region holds individual meetings each year, sometimes in conjunction with other organizations. In the late 1980s, the first continental event was held in Saint Louis, MO. After more than three decades, the three regions decided that a new continental event should be held.

The 2022 North American event will present traditional biometrics and forest measurements techniques as well as novel modeling methods, such as machine learning, or forest inventory based on phodar or UAV (to list just a few). The event captured the interest of two research groups from the IUFRO Division 4 (Forest Assessment, Modelling, and Management), namely the 4.01 (Forest mensuration and modeling) and the 4.03 (Uncertainty analysis, computational ecology, and decision support), which co-sponsor the conference.


Scientific Committee

    • Harold Burkhart, VT
    • Chris Cieszewski, UGA
    • Bronson Bullock, UGA
    • Samantha Gill, Cal Poly
    • Catherine Bealle Statland, BC MoF
  • Phil Radtke, VT
  • Mark Ducey, UNH
  • Demetrios Gatziolis, FIA
  • Robert Froese, U Alberta

Organizing Committee

  • Karin Kralicek, USDA FS RMRS-FIA
  • Jacob Putney, OSU
  • Peter Marshall, UBC
  • Bianca Eskelson, UBC
  • Todd West, OSU
  • Sudeera Galapita, OSU
  • Simona Ionescu, PTTC
  • Joo Sukhyun, OSU
  • Chair: Bogdan Strimbu, OSU


For questions regarding the event, please contact the meeting chair, Bogdan Strimbu.

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