About Northeastern Mensurationists (NEMO)

Northeastern Mensurationist Organization (NEMO)

The Northeastern Mensurationist Organization (NEMO) was organized by foresters with an interest in quantitative methods to provide a place where, once a year, we could get together and share some of the important research, policy, and practical concerns in the northeast. The guiding principle has been that the meetings should be casual, yet professional and open to all with an interest. To that end, we have encouraged holding meetings at locations where it would be within the reach of all, including graduate students. Our success rate in meeting these goals is pretty close to 100%. In addition, the level of presentation is encouraged to be gentle and accessible to all, while not sacrificing content. Graduate students are especially encouraged to think of NEMO as a friendly place to get feedback on their proposed research work.

Though we founded NEMO to provide a place to share information of regional interest (the northeastern U.S. and Canadian Maritime provinces), anyone is welcome to come and join in the discussions or offer a contributed talk, as many topics transcend regional boundaries. As the agendas for previous years will attest, we have had attendees from other parts of the country, with the 2000 meeting being a joint meeting in cooperation with the Midwest Mensurationist Organization, and 2003 with the Southern Mensurationist Organization.