About Southern Mensurationists (SOMENS)

Southern Mensurationists Group

The Southern Mensurationists group was reestablished in 1999. We are an informal group of forest biometricians, mensurationists, statisticians, mathematicians, modelers, computational foresters, and other practitioners whose professional interests include:

  • Quantitative Management: Sustainability Analysis; Financial & Risk Analysis; G & Y; OR; Optimization; etc.
  • Plantation Management: Spacing; Vegetation Control and Fertilization; Irrigation; Genetic Engineering; etc.
  • Computational Forestry: Simulations; Programming and Software Development; Internet Applications; etc.
  • Inventory Issues: Inventory, FIA/SAFIS Related Matters, Updates; Surveys; Sampling; Site Determination; etc.
  • Modeling: of G&Y, Processes and Landscape; Models & Validation; Parameter Estimation; N-lin. Mixed Effects; etc.
  • Data: Relational & Distributed Databases: Design, Programming, Management, Maintenance and Use; Data banks; etc.
  • Other: Methodologies; Algorithms; Mathematical Methods; Harvest Scheduling; Multi-Criteria Decision Modeling; Remote Sensing and GIS; Land Use Changes; Supply Analysis; Econometrics; Decision Analysis; Expert Systems; Management Diagrams; etc.

Our objective is to host a meeting above alike topics and current developments and interests relating to all aspects of Measurements and Quantitative Methods and Management in Forestry and other disciplines. The meetings will be open and all individuals interested in the above topics are encouraged to attend the annual meetings. Such meetings provide a great environment for exchanges of ideas and opportunities for relaxing as well as a productive atmosphere for joint work.