Western Mensurationists Awards


“Western Mensurationists Lifetime Achievement Award” honors scientists that contributed significantly to the quantitative aspects of the western North American forestry. The award aims at senior researchers that are associated with the Western Mensurationists group and have shaped the forest research of/from the western region of the USA and Canada.

The award is given only once to an individual. The selection process starts by ranking the scientists according to the number of nominations from fellows mensurationists. The person with the largest number of votes is then validated by the Lifetime Achievement award committee. The recipients of the awards are:

  • 2023: Kim Iles


In 2009 two SOEMNS fellows, Lewis Jordan and Ray Souter, started the Mike Strub Challenge contest, to honor Mike Strub’s inquisitory mind, tenacity in pursuing forest related questions, and not the least, its kindness. Western Mensurationists decided to mirror this passion for numerical forestry with a challenge of its own. Therefore, starting with 2023, the Kim Iles Mathematical Challenge is launched in Canmore AB, Canada. The challenge bears the name of Kim Iles who can be considered the epitome of a forest mensurationist: integrated within the environment, considerate toward nature and humans,  comprehensive in endeavor, inquisitorial in scientific pursue, wise in recommendations, and Shakespearian in expressing. Different from SOMENS, the Western Mens challenge has two parts one for theoretical and one practical. The winner of the challenge are as follows. PDF of the solution is linked to the winner(s) name(s) below.