What is a Forest Mensurationist?
A forest mensurationist applies the science of measurement to quantify forest composition, structure and the goods and services forests provide. Grounded in geometry, sampling theory, statistics and ecology, a forest mensurationist describes the current status of trees. They also deal with measuring and predicting the growth of trees over time.

Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences Journal
MCFNS is a journal that provides a publishing platform for the forestry and natural resource sciences focused on theoretical derivations and simulations, discussions, reviews, and implementations of new mathematical and computer-based technologies. The journal shares a common platform with the Rationalist approach to research that is in contrast to the more mainstream Empiricist studies (statistical analysis of collected data) dominating the present natural resource sciences. mcfns.net

  • 2nd North American Forest Mensurationists Conference
    December 11-14, 2022  Portland, OR
    Growth Model User’s Group
    April 5, 2022  Virtual
    Operational Lidar Inventory (OLI)
    April 6, 2022  Virtual
    Precision Forestry Cooperative (PFC)
    April 7, 2022  Virtual

  • The Southern Mensurationists group was reestablished in 1999. We are an informal group of forest biometricians, mensurationists, statisticians, mathematicians, modelers, computational foresters, and other practitioners.

    Click here for more information on the 2021 SOMENS Meeting.

  • NE Mensurationists

    Wooded swamp in Connecticut, with skunk cabbage, ferns, and tree with holes from pileated woodpecker
    The Northeastern Mensurationist Organization (NEMO) was organized by foresters with an interest in quantitative methods to provide a place where, once a year, we could get together and share some of the important research, policy, and practical concerns in the northeast.

  • low angle view of tall evergreens in Oregon on a sunny day
    The Western Mensurationists are an informal group of Forest Mensurationists, Biometricians and practitioners that meet annually to discuss issues relating to the measuring forest resources.

    The 2021 Western Mensurationists conference will take place virtually. Click here for more information.

  • OLI is focused on exchanging information on the operational or near-operational usage of remote sensing technologies in forest inventory and mapping applications.

    For more information on the 2022 Virtual OLI meeting click here.

  • Job Board

    Click here for National US Mensurationists and Biometrician Jobs